Clear Lens Phacoemulsification For High Myopia Correction

  • Muhammad Syauqie Ophthalmology Department Faculty of Medicine Andalas University/ Dr.M.Djamil Hospital Padang
Keywords: Clear lens extraction, phacoemulsification, high myopia, tilt and tumble, retinal detachment


Introduction: High myopia correction with clear lens extraction, with or without IOL implantation, remains controversial and associated with a high risk of postoperative complications, especially retinal detachment. However, advanced technology development in the cataract surgery field had resulted in excellent surgical outcomes with a very low complication rate. In this article, we will present an outcome of clear lens phacoemulsification for high myopia correction in four eyes from two patients.
Case presentation: Two women with high myopia undergone clear lens phacoemulsification with supracapsular tilt and tumble technique. IOL calculation using SRK-T formula. Both patients had 20/20 postoperative visual acuity in both eyes, which remains until one year postoperative. No retinal abnormalities found in both patients.
Conclusion: Clear lens phacoemulsification for high myopia correction is an effective procedure and can prove excellent visual outcome for a long-term period. It can be considered as an alternative method for high myopia management.


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