Lung abscess in COVID-19

  • Adi Kurniawan Internal Medicine, Permata Jonggol Hospital, Bogor, Indonesia
  • Paramita Khairan Department of Internal Medicine, Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Nurfanida Librianty Environmental Health Department Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia
  • Mahrani, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Hana Faisal Department of Respiratory and Pulmonology, Faculty Medicine Universitas Indonesia
  • Iffa Mutmainah Bogor, Indonesia
  • Fitriana Nur Rahmawati Department of Signal Transduction, Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan
  • Sarah Shafa Marwadhani Bogor, Indonesia
  • Gadistya Novitri Adinda Regional Public Hospital of H. Marsidi Judono, Bangka Belitung, Indonesia
  • Uti Nilam Sari PT Teknologi Informasi Medimedi, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Pukovisa Prawirohardjo Department of Neurology, Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Keywords: COVID-19, lung abcess, chest tube insertion


Objective: COVID-19 is a new emerging disease since December 2019 that later was announced by WHO as a global pandemic. Radioimaging appearance of COVID-19 is varied yet dominantly showed as a ground glass appearance in CT-imaging. Lung abscess in COVID-19 is an extremely rare case, therefore it needs further discussion.
Method: We report a 39 year-old male patient of COVID-19 with lung abscess
Result: This case report describe a COVID-19 patient who showed a very rare clinical manifestation; lung abscess. The patient showed negative result of TB molecular test. Chest tube insertion procedure was performed in this patient who showed an improvement after abscess being drained.
Conclusion: Lung abscess may occur in COVID-19. Abscess drainage procedure may improve clinical condition of COVID-19 patient.



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Adi Kurniawan, Paramita Khairan, Nurfanida Librianty, Mahrani, Hana Faisal, Iffa Mutmainah, Fitriana Nur Rahmawati, Sarah Shafa Marwadhani, Gadistya Novitri Adinda, Uti Nilam Sari, & Pukovisa Prawirohardjo. (2020). Lung abscess in COVID-19. Journal Of The Indonesian Medical Association, 70(8), 173-181.